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By William Samuel (from Lollygog Notes 1978)

This begins as a personal letter, dear reader...

For that is what it is. Not an essay. Not a formal paper. Not something to be struggled with to understand, but to read gently as one reads a letter from a friend.

The comprehension of Reality--- especially the recognition that a pure, good and perfect Reality is absolutely all in all, everywhere present, nowhere absent and being all there is to be seen, heard, felt or experienced--- seems seldom to come from great, grinding effort. More often, much more often, it comes from human effort relaxed. It comes in stillness and gentleness like a Spring blossom opening, like a winter stream melting, like a new day breaking.

From a letter to a friend involved in governmental scandal, energy crisis and inflation:

______, I understand your deep concern for the "shrinking dollar" and the "embarrassing dilemma of a shocking governmental scandal." You ask how one is to see these situations in the light of an "absolute Good that isn't at all apparent" to you at the moment. As you say, "The grandiose declaration that God's Government is the only REAL Government hasn't done the trick."

Suppose we ponder along these lines:

If false value has been put into human government and its money, what is wrong (or bad) with the appearing of false value going out of graven images?

In human terms, doesn't the wrong way make the right increasingly clear? Or, obversely, would the incubator chick ever become conscious of the light he is continually bathed in if he never peeped outside into the darkness of night?

And doesn't the darkness of the cicada's long sojourn in the earth allow a full consciousness of sunlight and color when it emerges.

It accomplishes nothing to make the metaphysical declaration that "liars and thieves have no place in God's government" if we still condemn, and stand in terror of "the liars and thieves in human government."

Why? Because that is talking one government while trying to live two. Is God ALL, or is there a "human imperfect" beside? Is human government illusion or is it the means by which Divine Government is made clear?

Seen in this light, one can actually stop attempting to live two governments, one "real" and one "unreal," and see what is labeled "human government" as the Divine becoming known.

Dualistic nonsense! shouts the intellect of us.

But, are the Symphony and notes a dualism?--- No.--- They are ONE SYMPHONY made Self-evident.--- The Authority is in the Light, not the shadows.

Are "day" and "night" a dualism?--- No.---They are ONE LIGHT made Self-evident.--- The authority is in the Light, not the shadows.

Are Spirit and matter, Good and evil, tangibility and intangibility dualisms?--- They are not.---They are ONE, pure, perfect, fully (infinitely) Self-evident GODHEAD.

Authority exists as this Godhead (Isness)--- and not in the supposititious opposites the OMINISCIENT Godhead knows It is not--- and could never be.

Once, the question was asked of Jesus when all the hidden things would be revealed. His reply, starkly simple, was to "Know what is in they sight and what is hidden from thee will be revealed to thee. For there is nothing hidden which will not be manifest." (THOMAS, Till translation, Log. 5)

All the power of human government has been unable to keep its secrets from being revealed. The Godhead stands revealed already. "Then, when will we see it?" Jesus was asked.---"When you make the two into a single one" He replied time and again.

How? "Know what is in thy sight". We FACE and UNDERSTAND the situations that present themselves within awareness. We do not disclaim the presence of the sight.

We understand, acknowledge and live the PERFECTION of the sight--- and know WHY we do! We forgive and bless the sight for the Scene it makes clear. "We kiss the cross" and awaken. We end the attempt to ignore, heal, bury or change it. And then, then, we see sting and victory taken from the "cross." A new name is discovered for it, "known only to him who overcometh."

Human government, with all its apparent shortcomings, is the curtain going up for the Divine Government. The rising curtain appears as value going out of the curtain into the Scene behind. All that seems to be the painful and embarrassing termination of curtain-love is displaced by the interminable Love of the New Scene.

Awareness "expands" to perceive the Invariable Already, consciously. Change--- the world in turmoil---is the changelessness of the Already (Isness) becoming evident.

We can say it another way: Change is the shedding of our former views of variableness. Change, and the Changelessness it makes evident, are one Changelessness.

Does authority (to frighten us, make us shake our heads in frustration and wonder) lie in the turmoil of change? Or is authority in the Ineffable Changelessness that change makes plain? To which do you "yield yourself servant to obey" ? You know the answer already.

"Well and good in theory, but the change in my dollars is making them less valuable"

The belief that value is in dollars is Wisdom's knowledge it is NOT!

The belief that Authority is in human government is Wisdom's knowledge it is NOT!

The belief that Energy, the functioning of Mind, is expendable and in short supply is Wisdom's knowledge it is NOT!

WHATEVER Wisdom knows it is not, is no bother to Wisdom and does not frighten Us.

Little good it does the mighty metaphysician to "deny the reality" of an "energy crisis." One needs only to look at the "human evidences" of it, understand them as the evidence of Deific Omnipotence coming to light.

Call that evidence by its NEW NAME and, then, look on to see the startling proofs that Omnipotence, and the evidences that make it clear (whether positive or negative) are ONE Omnipotence! "When you make the two into a single one".

These final days of belief's obliteration mark the conscious emergence of Wisdom as the only Identity on the Scene.

Finiteness is ever the clarification of Infinity.

Tangibility is Intangibility (Spirit) made plain.

Human government is the tangible measure of Measureless Authority.

Unlimited Wisdom's knowledge of where Authority does not lie appears as the human effort to put value into human affairs.

The awakening recognition that Wisdom is the Identity "we" are (and have always been) must appear as misplaced value and authority going out of human affairs. That dissolution, however it seems, IS NOT BAD!

Why ISN'T it bad?

Once more, let me explain with an analogy:

To the musician who has labored long with notes, the knowledge he is HIMSELF the SOUNDING SYMPHONY he has tried so long to play, comes with joy, not fear. THAT one recognizes that Value was never in the finite note yet he would have never known it infinitely had he not made the futile attempt to give value to the notes. THAT one can watch the humbling of the notes with no more elation or depression--- or fear--- than one who watches darkness vanish 'pon the birth of a new day.

Oh, but Wisdom KNOWS the disappearance of darkness and Wisdom's Self-emergence are one event. It knows the darkness of night has served to make the Light of Life fully known.

Perhaps these are ponderous ideas, too much for the intellect of us--- but the Heart already knows all they strive to say. After all, ponderousness is the means by which Simplicity is full recognized for all it is.

The Light these words tell of so falteringly is supremely SIMPLE--- and available--- and HERE, right now!

With loving kindness from the green hills of Alabama

William Samuel (Billy)