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The Subjective Comforter
and the historic Jesus --By William Samuel

Excerpt from The Child Within Us Lives! Page 309-312

Here is that question, recently put to me for the ten thousandth time: "What is the significance or relationship of Jesus Christ to me, as this Awareness I am?"

Let me try to answer that question to the satisfaction of a thinker. TRUTH is applicable at all levels of human understanding, but the metaphysician has never been able to give a satisfactory answer to the fundamentalist churchman. Not just because the churchman hasn't come to accept subjectivism yet, but because subjectivism can't make the whole statement of Truth. However, the Child of us CAN.

In reply to the question above, I must answer from the metaphysical, subjective, middle position so it will remain subjectively correct, but still be understood objectively by one who hasn't caught the subjective idea yet. I begin a full answer: I can speak only for myself. Subjectively, people and history unfold within my self-awareness. I have no awareness of Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Genghis Khan, Dolly Parton or anyone else OUTSIDE this conscious/subconscious awareness that writes and reads these words. I take myself to be this Awareness within which all bodies appear, including this one that plunks at the keyboard, as well as the one who asks this one a question about Jesus. Everyone, including the one who reads these words, is within myself/yourself-as-Awareness. This is self-evidently and undeniably true for each of us, even for the theologian who dismisses it as "silly solipsism." His dismissal doesn't make it untrue.

Identified as Awareness, I look "outside" and see trees, flowers, people and history in the making-all MYSELF-AS-AWARENESS going on in an unending "now." I look out and see evidences of the past (history) and possibilities for the future. I look out and read history books and bibles. I look out and see attracting, compelling, unifying things and ideas which are all within this Self-awareness. I look out and, despite all the teeth-clenching metaphysical absoluteness I am capable of, I still see ("seem" to see) distracting, repelling, dividing and destructive things, all within Awareness. Wheat and tares.

The wheat and tares "outside" myself have an equivalent "inside." The tree and the warm glow of the setting sun evoke a sense of beauty. The unifying themes evoke a sense of harmony and joy. The distracting and divisive scenes evoke discomfort, distrust, dis-ease, and so on. The obverse of this is true as well. I feel a sense of peace within and look outside and see evidences of that peace as happy and harmonious things I might not have been aware of otherwise. (Part of the Mystery is the Christly admonition to "make the inside and the outside into a single one.")

Let us examine this solipsistic fact for a moment. The first thing I see when I look "outside" is this body-image at the typewriter, an image more sensitive to me than all the other images-from this objective point of view. Stick a pin in this image and I yell. Stick one in that image and I may yell, but I don't always feel the pain. "My" view seems to be limited to the purview of this first image whose name is William and who sits here at the typewriter. But it isn't. After these many years of subjective living, I have learned that Awareness isn't limited at all, but can and should perceive from many viewpoints simultaneously, including some views little understood by the more distant images I see within myself when I look "out"-and especially not understood by my religious selfhood, nor even by my metaphysician friends who should understand. For that matter, Awareness sees things undreampt by men.

The belief which "the world" proclaims and the beliefs (viewpoints) I hear spoken "out there" in the people-world are written and spoken from the position that IDENTITY is that first thing I see when I look into the mirror. That body-image which is so sensitive, the world says, is our (my) identity. This form and shape that sits here writing and answering your question is said to be the identity I am-an identity not unlike the form of the man who walked the hills of Galilee. But clearly (to me), the body-image is not my identity. Rather, the Awareness that "looks out" and looks in, "thinks out" from that body, is the Identity I am. The Awareness within which all the bodies and trees and books and artifacts appear is Identity, as nearly as I can establish at the metaphysical level. My God, if I'm naught but the body, I am a mere bucket of blood and a sack of tremulous pumps. If I am that only, I am what my mother and father made. If I am LIFE, I am what God made.

Therefore, this Awareness is the "subjective" Identity I am and think of myself AS. From this perspective, all tangibility, all things, thoughts, ideas, books, historic figures and all history itself are WITHIN the Awareness I AM-and this Awareness embraces every form of every thing. Clearly, Moses spoke of this identity as having dominion over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. He also indicated that we lost sight of it very quickly in the scheme of things.

Well now, subjectively (metaphysically), some of the things I look at are more meaningful to me at one time or another. When it seems this first image within awareness, the William body, is hungry, food is a sight to enjoy. When I look at a unifying idea within the world of myself, I feel more satisfaction than when looking at or listening to a destructive idea, a dividing idea, or one that creates doubt and confusion in myself and in the world. "But what about JESUS, for Christ's sake?" my questioner thunders.

He is the most unifying Idea I have, my friend, but keep your shirt on. I am answering your question reasonably, logically, step by step, leaving nothing out, which is the way the Answer comes to us. O.K.? Your question will be answered if you will be patient.

"William Samuel, I tell you that Jesus is the blood of the Lamb! Jesus saves! Jesus is the way! Praise Jesus, Hallelujah!"

Thank you for such love, my friend. Now let me answer that part of your question about the relationship of Jesus Christ and "me as Awareness." I was saying that identified as Awareness, all my knowledge of anything and everything is WITHIN Awareness-including the knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is exactly the same for you. All the bibles of the world are knowledge that comes to us by way of Awareness. I have no consciousness of the avatars, Jesus mighty among them, except as they come to ME here, WITHIN and AS this AWARENESS. Would you agree with this?

"I'm lost."

It seems so.

"If I'm lost, why am I trying to save you?"

You are not lost really, my friend, and neither am I. Let's get back to the subjective views of Awareness. About Jesus Christ specifically, because this will answer questions for subjectivists who need to know as well. They especially need to get their metaphysics straight so they can get on with the rest of the Work given them to do.