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A Guide to Awareness and Tranquility
by William Samuel pp. 264 - 265


Teachers, books, leaders, philosophies, practitioners, religions, theories, bibles and holy books of the world may be likened to leaves on a tree. When the wind blows, the leaves make sounds-some loud, some soft, some high, some low. The pine needle that makes a strong sound, like a tuning fork, sets those of the same note into sympathetic vibration. This is as it should be, but surely it must be understood: the Value isn't in the leaf, the pine needle, or the sound they make. The importance isn't in how many kindred images vibrate in sympathy, in how many agree or disagree. The task is not to find the sweetest sound or the softest sound; neither to find the truest sound, the "authorized" sound, nor the "most absolute" sound. The task-if it is a task at all-is to recognize one's own identity to be-TO BE-all there is to the tree, the leaves, the sounds and even to the gentle wind that moves them!

The value isn't in the religion, the holy book, the leader, the authorized literature, teacher, philosophy or system, not in the images within Awareness or in their beliefs as countless as the needles on the pine. No! The Value Supernal is "in" That which is being the Awareness I am (and you are. Reader)-perceiving the religions, holy books, leaders, teachers, philosophies and systems within Itself.

"Samuel"-mere image of awareness-is nothing of himself. Samuel-image is but a leaf on the tree. The eternal Isness being "Samuel" (plus all other images) is being the entire tree, every leaf and every zephyr that animates them. It is downright silly to admire or disparage one of the leaves-a single image of the Self-as being the only authorized leader, the straightest line, the least or the most absolute statement, system or approach. This is judgmental foolishness, unnecessary twaddle, the tinkling of cymbals, the whisper of new leaves whose sounds mellow as they grow in the Light.

We enjoy the sounds of many leaves. We do not close the door or turn a deaf ear toward others. We will continue to read books, give and listen to lectures and discuss ideas as long as it comes to us to do these things. But we know the value isn't there. The importance isn't the book, lecture or speaker-even those authorized by the board of directors or the high priests at the temple. We maintain an unshakable equanimity in the knowledge that Eternal Allness being the Identity-I-am is the Value. We joy in the simplicity of Allness's all!

We remain wary not to be drawn into an attack on what others say, or a defense of what we say. The Truth stands as its own monument with beauty, simplicity, tenderness and an unjudging love that makes the Heart sing and does astounding things within our experience!

"I listen to the Holy Councilor only, who teaches me directly-here, right here in my Heart."