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Illumination is a Fact. We have, however, grown accustomed to thinking it must always be the other fellow, the saint or the avatar, who experiences it, not ourself. Then, we wonder why those who have awakened have gone from the scene. We think of their withdrawal to lofty ivory towers where they sit in lonely solitude.

"Illumination," like all things sublime, creeps into the conscious awareness of the willing and childlike.

It enters on kitten's feet, unannounced.

It comes as the prophet said, "…here a little, there a little."

"But how do we know when we KNOW?"

We find ourselves with the Answer.

"What is the Answer?"

The answers to the problems that perplex us-and others.

"Do you know the answers?"

Those that, by God's grace, I have been shown, come to know, have proven and am finally given the courage to tell about.

"How can I know you know?"

You can look for yourself at the words that are written. You can ask and see if the answer you get is applicable in your affairs-and works in your heart.

If the religionist's religion isn't doing all it has promised to do, that one hasn't found the Light behind religion. If the subjectivist's metaphysics isn't working in his affairs, that one hasn't found the Light that underlies his subjective studies. The fact is, in Western metaphysics' subjective textbooks, there is no general inclusion of the subject of Illumination at all. Why? The answer is painful.


Certain perspectives that can't be seen otherwise come into view with the Light of Illumination. When we make the confirming trip, our view of the world-game is enlarged, and we see the importance of the hit, the run, and reaching home base in actual fact-beyond theory and speculation. Most people are playing games with their spiritual studies, their science and their metaphysics. They are tripping along the comfortable edges, talking a lot. With knowing comes doing.


Certain guideposts indicate the changed perspectives that come with enlightenment:

There comes an undreamt comprehension of the REASONS for Light/light, time and space, past, present and future. Neither teachers nor books discuss this yet-but some good physicists and mathematicians are getting close. They have only to discover subjectivism's Child within themselves and to recognize the totality of consciousness.

The meanings of (and reasons for) other special things arrive also-such as beginnings and endings, above and below, first and last, inside and outside, essence and image, male and female, overtones, bridges and time, balance, contradistinction, synergism. Quite beyond expectation, beyond words-it seems presently-but not for much longer.

A marvelous childlikeness and simplicity arrive.

We have unexpected insights into the reasons for religion and philosophy; we begin to understand the reasons standing behind the three stages taken intuitively toward wisdom and understanding; we see not only the reasons for the appearances of evil in the world, but also the Reason beyond that.

There is a new awareness of HONESTY and an equal aversion to deception. One becomes aware of the incredible quantity of horsefeathers and bologna presented to the world in the name of Truth-from authorities who are no authorities at all. We see the fraudulence and deception inherent in certain practices and eschew them. We can see why and how people in the world claim a knowledge of Truth long before they are living it.

There comes an enwrapping, protecting Power of another kind- most amazing.

The sticking places in religion and subjective studies become transparent-and we see the good reasons for them.

Especially this: the natural and simple ability to see good in everything develops beyond every expectation! And with this come a grand generosity of spirit and a willingness to help the world.

Finally, possibly grandest of all because it is the reason for living, comes the DISCOVERY of the Child within-and the Child's way to live, the Equation!

The Original of us is ATTAINABLE, right here in the tangible world where hell and its terror seem ubiquitous and inescapable to others.

Oh, there is more to this attainment of the Child than TALKING about it-but talking is necessary. Most of mysticism, religion and metaphysics addresses unimportant issues. Science is working with effects, without the Child's guidance. Organizational metaphysics doesn't have the essentials straight, and the protectors of dogma (with their concern for numbers) refuse to see the subjective Truth as anything but a threat to the status quo, even when that Truth is spelled out before them-no different now than in the days of the prophets or when Jesus called religious leaders dogs in the manger who would neither eat the oats nor let the cattle eat them.

There are other guideposts-cosmological, hierarchical, ascending and descending-none of which is to the least degree mystical or difficult to apprehend by the Child of us. All of it is revealed intuitively on the wings of Light, without hard study. We find ourselves knowing without effort. None of this is what one expects, whether he is a churchman, metaphysician, scientist or mystic.

There is a mighty reversal and a return to the Beginning in the end, completely unexpected; not a turning back, as words make it sound, but an ONGOING into wonder after wonder-inexplicable to the unattained and arrogant nature of us.

It comes as God's grace-glimpse upon glimpse, precept upon precept-bringing a new recognition of the value of the Enlightened among us whose wisdom we seek out. My own religious and metaphysical studies were misleading in this area especially. I see my metaphysical friends stagnating at the plateau where everything is perceived "within" themselves. Just as I did before them, they stand there, ignoring the outside of the cup, even denying its reality, while trying to heal the inside. The religionist washes both sides of the cup but defends his personal dogma and accuses others of heresy without knowing anything about the subjectivism he is condemning. The scientist peers at the faint glimpses of light in his microscope and telescope, using the very science and essence of subjectivism, but, as yet, is unaware of the guiding Child within himself.

Who will get these three things straight? The reader first, then the world following. Why is this the order? Because the world exists within Awareness and is following in time. Beneath the increasing confusion and complexity of this world is the original little boy or girl we once were, still there, awaiting our recognition and call.