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The Child Within Us Lives! by William Samuel pp. 241 - 246


The Whole contains the parts, of course, but it isn't so well known that the Whole - Godhead - is greater than the sum of Its parts. Nor has it been known beyond a handful of mystics through history that every part contains information of the Whole. That is, we examine a rock and the rock contains information about the earth. We look at a tree and learn of all life. We get to know a friend and have a knowledge of Everyman. We perceive Everyman and know the Self. We know the Self and have as much knowledge of Godhead as Infinite Wisdom is capable of perceiving. Is it any wonder so many of the great philosophies have advocated "Know Thyself!"

Everything I have learned has "come to me" in the form of light - one way or another. The flower I enjoy arrives as light. The face I touch arrives as light. For all of us every sensation has ever been one or another wave length of light arriving to be examined and understood.

In recent years, science has made great strides in understanding the light of the universe. The essence of all matter is light. In an old figure of speech used by the ancients, everything is an image of an image of light. We will do well to understand something of light, because light itself is the image of Light.

For years I have used what has now come to be called "The Holographic Paradigm" as a means of explaining some of the functions of ordinary light. I use the word "ordinary" to denote what 1 call limited light - light limited to a speed of 186,300 miles per second - light in motion. Its source, the Fountainhead of light, I call by whatever name I would use to refer to Godhead. I spell that Light with a capital. In the mind's eye, I think of It as infinite, therefore at rest. Limited light spirals within motionless Light. Light and light are one Light. Light in motion is the movement of, the measure of Light. To put it another way, it is Light's Self-measure.

But notice: The awareness that reads these words can take the measure of limited light. Awareness perceives limited light within itself, yet awareness can in no wise take a full measure of Illimitable Light. Awareness (Life) and light are apparently wed to one another - another "two that are one." But note again: These "two that are one" are within Infinite Light. Three that are one. A Trinity with the very Life-I-Am smack dab in the middle!

This is only a hint of the beginning. To make sense of a Deific solipsism with words has taken me half a century. But there IS a Deific solipsism present as the universe within Awareness within the Ineffable! The door to it all is the very Light of Life that reads these words and the light that illumines them.

To understand the wonders of limited light is to marvel at the wonder of Illimitable Light, Godhead, Father of lights. Consider: the light bouncing into your eyes from this sheet of paper is not only bringing images of the printed words, but images of the entire room whether you are noticing them or not. And not just images within your line of sight, but of virtually everything in the room, behind the furniture, under the tables, on the hidden shelves. If the light that illumines the page comes from the window, there is information pouring through your eyes containing an image of every mountain, every tree, every blade of grass as far as the eye can see. Farther - because the eye can't see what is hidden behind that building, but the light bouncing from these words does! If this seems difficult to believe, let me make it more so. The light which is the apparent substance of this bit of paper contains knowledge of the entire earth. Solar system. Galaxy. Universe!

This may seem a bit mind-bending at first, but once the principle of holography is understood, one perceives a most marvelous secret which the Ancients were aware of: The part contains knowledge of the whole; every part of the part contains knowledge of the whole of the Whole.
Let me give an illustration of this wonder of wonders. It will be particularly meaningful now that the leading edge of science has concluded that all "matter" - be it particle or galaxy - is holographic imagery, arrested or "slowed" light!

Do you remember the old, square Brownie box camera of yore? The first ones didn't even have a lens. Just an opening that would open and close at about 1/25th of a second - and take a dandy picture.

Pretend just such a Brownie snapshot was made of you and your Uncle George way back on your fifth birthday. Uncle George had come to visit bringing some wonderful gift with him. Someone took a picture which you have cherished and kept for fifty long years because that day and that uncle were very special. There you stand, stiff and straight in your party clothes, the gift in its box tucked under your right arm. Uncle George is standing to your left, a big smile on his face, his arm holding you close. In the background someone with a big fanny is bent over, but her head was hidden behind Uncle George when the picture was snapped and you have long forgotten who it was. In the left front is an image of a foot. To whom it belonged you never did know. In fact, you have long forgotten what the gift was, but you remember it was very special. Uncle George always brought special gifts.

Well now. It is fifty years later and we are still pretending. The old snapshot has taken a battering over the years. Way back when, you took the scissors and cut the extraneous foot away since it had no business in the picture. Years later when you were away at school, the suitcase was accidentally closed on it, tearing away the entire bottom half. Finally, since only the top of your head remained alongside Uncle George, you trimmed away everything except his head and shoulders. Everything. That is all that remains now: half of Uncle George smiling. The beautiful scene of the park is gone. You and the gift tucked under your arm are gone. The foot and the frilly fanny have long been forgotten. Except for a small fragment of the original picture, all else is a memory of a distant childhood - and much of that has faded.

Now let us stop pretending - except for the fragment of picture. Let us discuss a relatively simple physical fact. Can you guess what will happen if we shine a certain type of split-beam laser light on our fragment? Voila! Between the projecting laser and the fragment comes a holographic image of Uncle George hovering in the air like a ghost. The laser light strikes the fragment, bounces away and reproduces an image of light.

But lo, something new has been added. Uncle George is in three dimensions, not just two as he appeared on the original snapshot! There he stands in depth, as well as in length and height. Pot, pudgy cheeks and smile, all in three dimensions!

Look again. There's more. ALL of Uncle George is there. Not just the head and shoulders on the fragment, but the bottom half that was lost in the suitcase caper back in 1940! Can the top half of an image reproduce the bottom half that isn't there? Clearly. There it is. But as the lady who inspects Hanes underwear in the TV ad says, "That's just the beginning, Kid!" Look at the holographic image again. There you are too, tall and straight with the box tucked under your arm and all in three dimensions. And there are the park, the trees, the Bowers, the big behinnie with the frilly dress, a bird and a butterfly you had never seen before - and all in three dimensions. How in the world can such a small fragment contain so much information? But wait, there is still MUCH more! The little Brownie camera "saw" one point of view as the picture was taken years ago. Now, fifty years later, our fragment still has etched on its surface a hundred thousand thousand points of view, nearly to infinity - almost as if the camera were in ALL places simultaneously when the picture was snapped! Well, the camera wasn't, but the light was, and that's why we are getting three dimensions. Let me try to explain while you look at the holographic images again.

As you look full on, facing the images hovering magically in the air, you will notice they are placed like figures on a stage, so to speak, the distant trees behind you and your uncle, the frilly behind, between you and the trees, and so on. As you move to the right and left of the images, you begin to notice things that were never on the original picture at all. For instance, you lean to the left and see the head of someone attached to the frilly dress. Your mother! You never realized she was in the picture! You walk to the right side of your own image and see what is written on the box. Lincoln Logs! Now you remember that long forgotten gift. Here you are looking at "information" that was never apparent on the original picture at all, much less on the small scrap remaining. The fragment somehow contains knowledge of the whole - and much MORE than was seen by the eye fifty years ago when the picture was made. Oh yes, the foot that was mysteriously in the original picture is there, too - with a faint body attached. Your father - he was running to get in the picture, never realizing he made it.

Reader, remember that we are not speaking of high mysticism or metaphysics here. We are only touching down lightly - and, hopefully, dramatically - on just one aspect of ordinary light, the very light by means of which you are reading these words. This instant, the awareness of you is being flooded with information quite beyond anything you may ever have dreamed. We are not limited to one point of view as we watch the sunset or the waves breaking along the shore. ALL points of view are present, right here, right now. We are not bound to the physical limits of the eyes and ears. The scene outside the window is a fragment of the earth, isn't it? And isn't the earth a fragment of solar system, galaxy, universe? The part contains information of the Whole.

But there is more. More! Much more. If these things are true for limited light in motion (and they are) how much more must be true for ILLIMITABLE, OMNIPRESENT LIGHT! If limited light brings information of the entire physical (holographic) universe, what Wonder-beyond-wonder exists as the SOURCE, FOUNTAINHEAD, GODHEAD which is BEING moving light! Limited light is a portion of Light. It contains information of the All as well. The awareness that reads these words is Light/light; the Wisdom it IS is awesome. Awesome!

Dear Light of Life, Self of my Self, begin your study of Light/light. Examine light. Look at light. Enjoy light. See the light glistening on the water. See light reflected from the faces of flowers and children. See light twinkling from the stars and from the eyes of love. See light lifting in the morning and lingering in the evening. Examine the light that darkness merely delineates. Sit still and see the wondrous Light of Life which is the source and substance of EVERYTHING. The Galilean mystic who identified as Light Itself said" ... these stones shall minister unto thee ... cleave a piece of wood and I am there ... Within a man of light there is light and he lights the whole world ... we have come from the Light." Awareness (life) is the Light from which all things come and to which all things return even as the perfect Light of Godhead is the source and substance of Awareness. At the speed of light there is neither space nor time. At Light, Life is deathless and eternal.

There is much power in this message. If you will, you can feel it. How much MORE is the Life of YOU!