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The Child Within Us Lives! by William Samuel pp. 301 -- 303


Years ago someone wrote that all the people on earth, if assembled in one place, standing side by side, would occupy a square mile of land. They would certainly cover more land than that today, but let us use that square mile for the sake of an illustration that will make a point. Imagine that all humanity is brought together into a great glass pyramid whose four corners cover a square mile of earth. The people are standing jammed together like young people at a rock concert inside the great crystal pyramid, all facing the center.

Well now, how would each person describe what he sees as he looks up? Each one would see the four quadrants of glass coming together at the top. Let us suppose they can see the stars beyond, including Polaris, the North Star, whose position remains constant, and are asked to give a description of the North Star's location. The people along the south wall of the pyramid see the star in one quadrant; those along the north wall see it in another. Those who stand in the east side of the pyramid make different measurements to plot Polaris than do those in the west. As a matter of fact, every man, woman and child would have a slightly different version of the North Star's location, relative to the great glass panels that come to a point above. Each person represents a unique point of view.

Next, suppose that certain creeds and dogmas about the star's location developed through the centuries. The East-side view of things would certainly differ from the West-side view - similar to the differing religious views in the world today. Further, most people are too busy with family and other affairs to look up and measure for themselves, so they have grown to accept whatever idea is popular in their own locales. Can't we see from this illustration how religious ideas, all pertaining to the same God but seen through the eyes of differing cultures, have developed during the centuries before worldwide communication linked us all together? Man's personal views of his relation to Godhead are not unlike the pyramid-people's views of their relation to the North Star. Religious ideas generally refer to the Same One, but have their own sets of proofs for validity. And, in truth, every statement is valid, so far as its measure goes. Isn't it strange that some of the world's religions can perceive this difference and allow for it, while others stand like staunch old pines in the wind, refusing to give any other views an inch, claiming their own perspective is the only valid perspective of the Ineffable?

Can the reader see that all eyes pointing toward the top represent individual "points of view" and "lines of thought"? If so, let me show in a simple way how powerful subjectivism is - and, remember, subjective thinking is the new wave of things to come for mankind.

One person, having learned the top-down method of thinking and comprehending - the very basis for subjectivism - is like a person who has broken away from the masses and climbed to the top of the pyramid. His view is like a great Eye at the top of the pyramid looking down at everyone looking up. The top-down view includes all the bottom-up views within itself almost simultaneously. The top-down view is quantum, whereas the bottom-up view is individual. Such is the advantage of subjectivism and its comprehension that the world exists within Awareness!

Subjectivism is to human thought what quantum mechanics has become to physics. (Today we see the leading edge of science on the brink of discovering the "subjective idea." They have found the experiment tied to the awareness observing the experiment. It is a start! Science will discover the power of subjectivism before religion does, it appears - and even before the metaphysicians who claim to know it already, but don't know what to do with it. We guess the scientist will know because his arithmetic will suggest, insist and cause him to "prove.")

Does the Eye at the top quarrel with the opposing views at the bottom? No. It understands the basis for the differences of opinion - and understands the holistic reasons for mankind's behavior. Oh, but the top-down view would certainly object if one of the groups along the eastern or western wall went to war against its opposite numbers, in the name of creed, dogma and holy book.

We discover the Child within. The Child takes us (more or less) quickly to the top of the pyramid to the View that includes all views within Itself. Down on the sandy floor of the pyramid, extremism in the defense (or promulgation) of anyone's holy book and/or bottom-up view of the Ineffable, causes men in black to make strange utterances in the name of localized views of God and to call for holy wars that could destroy civilization. On the floor, one hopes that won't happen. From the top, one sees that something must happen among the warring, unloving throngs to call attention to the Child's top-down View that understands and forgives. The prophets have all said to look up willingly - or be forced to look up in an awful Armageddon.

Two thousand years ago, Christianity came along to say, "Let that mind be in us which is also in Christ …" (the subjective view of things), but see how Christianity's dogmatic creeds are warring among themselves. Whatever happened to the Child's View that Jesus and others gave their lives to tell about?

We get the top-down view and live it on the sandy floor of life, right here in the objective view of things. How? We find the Child within ourselves and run with it. We publish peace (our own knowledge of this Child within) as we have been admonished to. We finally understand the exclusivity and arrogance of unyielding creeds and dogmas that discourage the individual's climb to the top of the pyramid. We sec why the objective views have labeled subjectivism "silly solipsism." And, subjectively, from the top, we see that "one with God is a majority." The world unfolds within the subjective consciousness.

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