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The Awareness of Self-Discovery pp. 81 - 85
by William Samuel


Dear Mary,

Concerning fear, listen with your Heart!

The images on the television screen may appear to shake, jump, roll and crack asunder but their gyrations do not, cannot, do anything to the screen. Can they?

Our Identity is the screen of life, "within" which the images of people, things, events, etc., appear, but those events cannot do anything to this Identity we are no matter how much they quake or threaten to!

"Seest thou this?" The consciousness that even now reads these words is the "screen" and the images included within it can do nothing to it or for it.

So do not be frightened. Words are just words; threats are just threats, sights are just sights-all powerless. Power ever resides as God, Reality, Isness which is even now being this awareness-we-are, this Life.

Reality is in no way self-destructive. The Identity we are is the very self of Deity-and there is no need for fear. Have we not heard that "love casts out fears"?

Have we not also heard that "God is love" and that God is all? Isn't All all? To be frightened is to disavow God's existence-and even a shadow cannot disavow the substance that produces the shadow. Unless God is frightened of himself, fear is illusory…

Well, God is not frightened and fear is senseless foolishness, powerless to bind us. We are not bound by fear, Mary, and you do not need to act as though you are.


Dear John,

To the point quickly:

I am aware of your fear and the depth of it. Furthermore, I'm aware of the sundry pictures that present themselves as the causes of fear and how very real they seem. But I am also aware, whether anyone on this earth believes me or not, that those appearances do not have the authority in themselves to cause us to panic. Our fear, like our grief, is often self-induced self love-unadulterated selfishness about a separate self that doesn't even exist in Truth.

Does the real Identity agonize? Does the perfect Identity run around in a panic? It does not!

Then what does? The insidious possessor of the scene! The imposter who wants everything to he exactly what he thinks it should be.

Is the only Mind in all existence afraid of losing an aspect of Its own Self-awareness? Is Mind fearful it will forget something Mind knows Mind to be?

If Mind is not afraid, who is? If you say you are, you have the wrong you. That's the one to stop playing the role as.

We do not make progress out of strife. It only seems that way because the strife (fear, consternation, morbid depression and grind in the belly) is like a dam that blocks the flow of Unfoldment within (and as) itself.

When the block is lifted momentarily, the accumulation rushes out into conscious awareness. Only that imposter, who lives the belief of the block, views his agony as a means of discerning his harmony- though it surely appears to be the only way we can find it so long as we are still struggling to be that unenlightened blockhead striving after a healing.


Right now, right where you are, there is nothing that needs to be healed! The old nature of us believes there are appearances to belie this, but if we are going to react to those appearances as if they were an imperfection, then we do not really believe that God is ALL. Do we? How ALL is YOUR all?

Come home to your own "feelings" and insist on the "feel" of equanimity. In truth, we do not "feel" because of the sights and sounds of awareness; rather, sights and sounds appear as they do "because" of feeling. Find this sense of peace first. Experience follows suit.


"Son" is an idea included within consciousness. There are no diseased ideas. The very one you tangibly see, hear, talk to and love is seen (heard, felt) within the consciousness presently reading these words. Consciousness is God's action of Self-perception and God is quite responsible for all it contains and for perceiving it perfectly. ~~~~~~~~

We are consciousness (awareness) Itself, not the personal, responsible, demanding custodian of it. Our happy awakening begins when we see this gentle fact and begin to end the impossible role of owner, possessor, director, dictator of awareness.

We should no more attempt to stop thinking than we should attempt to stop the images on the television screen. What appears as much of the metaphysician's present agony is the consequence of such attempts. What do we do instead? We pinpoint the old identity as director, and give that one the boot. (Imagine how miserable would be the television screen that attempted to direct the images as they come and go. The screen's "salvation" comes with its recognition that its attempts are vainglorious and arrogant, even as is the belief of an identity who could do such a thing.) Then, recognition of the whole television set in its singleness dawns and the screen lets the whole be "responsible."

Dear John, Isness really is perfectly responsible.

Kindest regards from my hills of Alabama,


This work is a positive end of fear and loneliness. You will see! Awareness lives forever alone as itself and this is not a loneliness. This is not an existence that misses anything. Rather, Awareness includes every person, place and "thing" constituting the tangible universe. We live as solitary awareness and then find "experience" chock full of non-loneliness, high adventure and things to do that preclude aught but a constant, sense of peace. After all, does not consciousness include everything within itself? Everything!-from the least sandpiper running through the tall reeds to the Pleiades and every star in every galaxy that exists-from every sound that has ever been heard to every face that has ever been glimpsed. Does it not? It does! It does!

Mary, I have news for you: The Identity that aware-ness-being-you is discovering is Self-satisfied and knows nothing of loneliness. There is not "another" for you to miss. There is naught to feel but Self-satisfaction.

Sit easy and listen softly to the following: "husband," "family" et al appeared as images within awareness. Awareness did not put the images there, nor is Awareness responsible for them. Who did? Who does? Reality, God, Isness, The Ineffable One, The Single, The Only, The All. And what are "images"? That which God knows God to be-the infinite qualities and attributes of Deity.

God still is every quality and attribute God ever "was." This is so! This is true! And the awareness that presently reads these words is God's Self-seeing, still seeing God's Selfhood. Awareness is not experiencing loneliness!