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Excerpt from The Awareness Of Self Discovery
By William Samuel

Gentle Reader, "I" means IDENTITY, not a suffering, human concept of Self. See these words as your own:

I let go the role of an awakening student. I end the identification of gendered mortal learning this or that. I am not a member of the human race, a one among many, working, striving, struggling, straining, arriving at Truth line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. I am an identity INFINITELY greater, grander than that, and I am not ashamed to say so to my world of appearances even when the charges are that of vaingloriousness and self-deluding insanity.

I take the Divine Awareness of GOD to be "my" identity. I am THAT. THAT is "me" and I do not hesitate to SAY so to whomever may be interested.

Furthermore, I live this identification to the best of my ability, despite the fact this appears to be running upstream, contrary to the world's way of doing things. And I maintain this position to the best of my ability, reminding myself as often as necessary that AWARENESS is the WHO I am, the WHAT I am, the WHY I am-and that identity is not a human one, not a worldly one, not a sick, sinning, ignorant or quarreling one but the HOLY WHOLE SINGLE ONLY ONE, and THAT am I!


We know what we have found. We know of the inner peace, the light, love, insight and wonder of Being we have found Truth to be. The Heart of the one who reads this knows what the Truth has meant over the years. All the hell-fire and damnation the "world" can muster cannot efface the Grace we have felt. The challenges we face, like lions in the Colosseum, may appear to tear the old nature apart, but all that is torn, or can be, is a concept that was never real. The Grace of IDENTITY stands untouched, untroubled, singing....

It has been said that the discernment of Identity is an uphill struggle but it isn't really. We are what we are whether it is seen or not and the simple knowledge of this fact is an immense aid in our discernment. Awareness is our identity and awareness functioning is ever effortless, ever going about its business of seeing, hearing, feeling and including thoughts all within itself just as it is about the business of seeing print on this page at the moment.

Much of the effort goes out of our daily affairs the instant we expand our sense of identity from the body-point from which "things" are observed, to awareness doing the observing. As this expanded identity the body-point is not excluded but seen as the central point within an infinite identification that includes all "body-points" within itself.

This grander identity looks on human intellectuality and knows that it pertains only to the body-point and its relationships with all other images. It sees that the Intelligence beyond intellectuality is its own Self-knowledge of singleness, aloneness, wholeness, oneness. It sees that intellectuality can only know Isness indirectly, via qualities and attributes. But, identified as awareness, we know "God" directly as god's Self-awareness. As awareness, we know as God knows Himself to be. We see with the Eye by which we are seen.

So, we live this "child of God" that we are already, and we live it without effort, without struggle, and most wonderfully, without inhibitions. You see, this conscious awareness being "us" is Deity's Self-awareness in action, for which Deity alone is responsible. The weight of the world is lifted from our shoulders the instant we stop trying to be something of ourselves-a human personality, an ego, a phantom big cheese protecting his family from the outspoken teachings of this one or that one, intent on healing Perfection when Perfection stands tall and perfect, quite without need of healing.

To question the wisdom of this utter discard of personal, ego-responsibility is the natural reflex of the ego bent on self-preservation at all costs. But, in one way or another, we are finally brought to gird up the loins and LET God be the Alone One on the Scene-even as God really IS the all one. Right here. Right now. Already!