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William Samuel
(1924 - 1996)
  In what way does William Samuel's work differ from others?   William's books are filled with personal stories telling us how he put his insights to the test, showing us exactly how we can live and prove these precepts in our own lives.  
  The following is William's answer in his own words: " Among the Nag Hammadi Library scrolls just published in English, I was delighted to find this statement in THE TEACHINGS OF SILVANUS (vii,4): 'Put all words to the test first before you utter them.' Every word I've published, I have lived. I do not write from theory, speculation, nor from the opinions of other--only from my own LIVED experience. It seems most important to me to put every revelation and glimmer of light to the living test. I've done just that and have published nothing that did not first prove fruitful in my own experience. For A GUIDE TO AWARENESS AND TRANQUILLITY, and THE CHILD WITHIN US LIVES!, I had still another criterion. Nothing is included in those works that had not only borne fruit for me but had also proven to do the same for others who had put it to the same test as I. An intellectual difference, perhaps, is consistency.

"For me, mentation begins as awareness. I write from the same starting place. To make something clear, I may venture into the human view of a situation, but before I've finished I have returned to the God-view, the perfect view, and I won't let that go. In this regard, I was informed recently that the British Philosophic Society had finished an examination of my "papers" ( books, I guess) and found them to be 'A thoroughly supported philosophic system. Every statement in William's work, has been properly supported with the reason and logic a philosopher considers necessary. Apparently he has made a statement for the allness of God which is intellectually sound even to the most demanding members of the academe--the philosophers. To address the Heart without galling the intellect is a feat indeed'---- Human intelligence couldn't possibly do that, but Awareness is that feat in action."

The Encyclopedia of American Religions writes: "Since 1968, Mr. William Samuel has been publishing Notes From Woodsong, which is sent to an unspecified number of students across the United States and England. In several areas, groups have formed to study the letters and Mr. Samuel's books; A Guide to Awareness and Tranquility ....The Awareness of Self-Discovery ..... The Child Within Us Lives! ..... Two Plus Two Equals Reality and The Melody of The Woodcutter and The King. William Samuel professes a profound sense of well-being and a surprising ability to pass that well-being on to others. He asserts that tranquility is acquired not through step-by-step methods, but rather by simplicity and honesty in a childlike approach. "

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  Mr. Samuel was invited by PBS to speak at a taped dialogue with the well known quantum physicist Professor David Bohm, in Park City, Utah in the spring of 1992. Unfortunately this meeting of these two was not be, as Dr. Bohm was suffering from an heart ailment, and could not attend the seminar. They were going to speak on the connections between quantum physics and metaphysics.

Now, many of the things William was prepared to speak about, you may find in William's final book, THE CHILD WITHIN US LIVES! This book is a synthesis of science, religion and metaphysics. It is a profound and prophetic book. This book is, in William's words, is "A distillate of a full forty years in the wilderness of a Child's wandering in time and space. I know the reader can use these words like a first crude map, charting a pathway up a strange and wonderful mountain, straight to the top--and quickly."

We are so fortunate that William Samuel was inspired to write each and all of the extraordinary books he has left with us. William passed on in May 1996. William Samuel's books, tapes and journal notes continue to be in demand.

Mr. Samuel did eventually do one last public speaking seminar, this time by himself, in May of 1994. The talks were filmed by PBS and we have this professionally filmed speaking engagement recorded on DVD. It is a marvelous testimony to exactly how this Living Truth 'works' in ones life.

It looks as though the primary political, spiritual and philosophical questions and issue of this century will be that of finding the new definition for Identity, God, Consciousness, Awareness and Reality. William Samuel has found a way to point directly to the answer to these question.

There has been a rather grand resurgence of people interested in William's work. The proliferating numbers of those who are being led to William Samuel's work is marvelous, but not unexpected. William's work is honest, clear, unpretentious and effective, leading one to find peace and serenity amidst the confusions and turmoil that appear to be on the up rise.

If you are searching for your True Identity, The Authentic Self, Reality or an end to personal turmoil, here, in William Samuel's books you will find a teacher's textbook and guide that goes from alpha to omega in clear, simple, tender language