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A Guide To Awareness and Tranquility By William Samuel

I have been asked, "How do we go about not accumulating memories? How do we keep from pigeon-holing all that transpires within one's daily activity? Are we supposed to forget?"

Infinite intelligence does not forget what it knows itself to be, and it does not acquire more than it already is.

Somewhere along the line we are required to make the break with the old identification. It is not enough to know that the old man is a fiction. It becomes necessary to think and act from the position that we are, rather than from the one we are not. In the determination of one's honest Identity, we find tranquillity, thereby letting go that which we ignorantly believed ourselves to be and the misery attendant to such a belief.

Dear reader, let me tell you this: UNENCUMBERED AWARENESS ITSELF AM I. This is the Identity I am. This is the "who" and "what" I am. This was my Identity before I seemed to recognize it and it will be my Identity should it appear I forget it. This is likewise YOUR Identity. This is the ageless Identity. This is the undying and eternal Identity. This is the Whole and Perfect Identity which was and is and forever shall be!


It may be said that the vistas of Awareness widen and widen until such time as they include again the pure sights and sounds we experienced as children.

Do you remember the tender thrills of childhood - the smell of freshly cut grass, how clean the air after a rain, how little things were so exciting, how small surprises were such breathtaking, joy-filled moments? Do you remember how very blue the sky and how white the clouds within it, how rich green the fields, how unfettered and free the feeling of the first day of vacation? Do you remember the joy of experiencing no care, no responsibility, no worry, no fear of health or wealth? Can you remember how wonderful was your father's praise, and how comforting your mother's touch? Can you recall the time when there was no consciousness of age, debility, sorrow and death?

Reader, I tell you that in this work all these things will be your happy experience again! Every bit of this is "regained" as we become non-evaluating Awareness, as we let go the judge, as we drop the accumulation of judgments and opinions.

When can we do this? Today! Right now! We do not have to die first. There is nothing to die but the belief in a possessor called "me" who is capable of enslaving God's own Awareness of Himself, the veritable I that I am! As we let go the age-old liar, we return to honesty, "born again" to "become as a little child."

And this is only the beginning. Just as Awareness consciously appears to regain the uninhibited enthusiasm of youth, so it appears that the body you call yours regains its agility, poise, grace and strength.

Even more astounding, "expanding" Awareness consciously perceives that the loved ones of old are yet within its Vision, loved ones that the narrower sense of a possessed and opinionated Awareness excludes in a process called death!



Judgment narrows the conscious vista of vision exactly as anger narrows it. Who can see the beauty of a flower in the midst of a fit of rage? Judgments, the products of reasoning, planning, calculating and manipulating, would, within their chimerical province, smother Awareness completely if they could. The sooner we stop this, let all of it go, the more quickly we consciously joy in the regained vistas of unlimited Awareness.

Expanding Awareness regains the sense of the departed as surely as it regains the tenderness of youth, or sees the beauty of a flower again when rage subsides. Then we know that nothing has gone away. It has no place to go. HERE is where Awareness is; All that All is, is forever here within Awareness.

Impossible? Nothing we consider impossible ever happens. When it does, we simply exclaim, "Here it is; therefore, it is not impossible!"


Dear Nancy,

This is not difficult to understand. We know when one stops worrying he sees and hears things he was unconscious of while thundering through his worry-thicket of thought-taking. This is all we mean by Awareness "expanding."

This is a simple example of Awareness apparently "regaining" all the judge excludes for himself by his own opinions of good and evil. Invariably, his judgment of "good" constitutes the basis for his passions and appetites.

As one stops attempting to be the judge, conscious Awareness "regains" the joy, the happiness, the effervescence and sparkle of youth ever more and more, from glory to glory, until such time as the veil - the ego, the personality - is rent and "we see as we are seen."

How do I know? Let go the intellect; be Awareness, unjudging and unyielding; joy in the carefree, pristine world of the Heart and see for yourself what awaits you!