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William Samuel

A Great American Spiritual Teacher

  William Samuel was the most pivotal spiritual teacher I ever encountered. This quiet and humble man was a prolific writer and very generous with his time, energy and wisdom. I was fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time with William and his wife Rachel at theirWilliam Samuel relaxing in Woodsong home in Mountain Brook, Alabama in the 1980's. To this day I still consider Bill my spiritual mentor.

Bill asked me to freely share what he taught me with others. This website is a way of fulfilling that wonderful obligation.

This website is dedicated to William Samuel and to his marvelous teachings. Everything on this site has been donated to be included by those who William communicated with, taught and touched. If you are also one of those and wish to share writings that William Samuel sent to you or shared with you please feel free to send them to me so that they can be included here for all to read and to benefit from.

William also wrote a number of truly wonderful books. Butterfly Publishing has published Bill's books. You can see a list of those at the Books page along with links to purchase them.

All the materials here are for you to read and to share. If you reprint them at your website I would appreciate it if you would acknowledge where they came from. You cannot copyright any of the materials published here. There can be no restrictions on the Truth.

If you would like to find and connect with other students and friends of William Samuel I have set up a small blog for this purpose at:

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  We have filled this website with a great deal of material for you. Feel free to explore at your leisure and return often.
We hope you will find here the Truth that you are seeking.